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A Sea Dragon Adventure

A Virtual TVY Performance Experience

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About the Show

A collaborative deep sea adventure

It all started with an idea, a curiosity, and a trip to the aquarium! The summer before my second year of graduate school I took a spur of the moment trip to the Honolulu Aquarium. When passing the sea horse exhibit I became entranced with a creature that I had never even heard of before, a Sea Dragon. It was right then and there I decided that I knew a show had to be created about or using them as a character, and I had a feeling that TVY would be the perfect vehicle for such a curious, majestic, and tiny creature! 

Even with this idea in place, nothing really got off the ground until I started my partnership with Prince Jonah Kūhiō Elementary School Pre-K class over the 2019-2020 school year. Using the students' interest in the ocean already reflected in their current curriculum, myself, and eventually, Thea Wigglesworth, infused that curriculum with dramatic and creative play to create this undersea adventure.

While this experience was originally created to be for the classroom, the global pandemic opened up a whole new possibility and mode of creation -- online!

With this new hurdle, the creative team set off to rethink this experience digitally and with the help of artists/puppeteers from all across the United States (from Hawai'i to New York) to reimagine this whole journey. Using the students' ideas and original creative input as well as the input and creative energies of our cast we were able to create something truly magical.


We want to continue this adventure (and possibly many more) with YOU! 

Be sure to fill out our audience survey at the bottom of this page (or under the "Home" tab, labeled "Feedback") and tell us what you thought! 
Finally, we want to SEE your puppets and adventure with Sea Dragon, so be sure to send us any pictures or videos of your time under the sea with them and all of their friends!

All pictures can be emailed directly to us at the link below, and let us know if you want  to be featured on this website/ on our Instagram (@seadragonadventure) 

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Our Cast 

Use the arrows to click through to meet the team who bring the sea creatures to life!

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Christine Lamborn

Sea Creature: Crab
Ocean Zone: Sunlight Zone

Christine Lamborn lives in Honolulu, HI. Her favorite TYA role that she's played was the role of Prudence in the adaptation of The Witch of Blackbird Pond (a great read for 3rd grade and 4th graders).

Her favorite sea creature is a Crystal Jellyfish because they are bioluminescent - which means they glow in the dark! 

Creative Team

Use the arrows to click through and meet the creative minds who helped bring this experience to life!

Home: Team Members

Kimberlee Stone

Playwright/Script Supervisor/Co-Teaching Artist

Kimberlee Stone is a current MFA Playwriting Candidate at UH Mānoa. Originally from sunny California, Kimberlee delights in working with young artists in creative and educational capacities. The youth project  that impacted her the most was getting to work with the young women ensemble of Broken Mirror at the Rose theatre in 2016, as well as the work done in collaboration with Prince Jonah Kūhiō Pre-K for this show! Her favorite sea creature, without a doubt, are sea otters (aka the puppies of the sea)!

Learn more about Kimberlee and her upcoming projects and work by clicking the button below!

Study Guides & Resources 

Pre-show and post-show materials

Home: Features
The Journey to Me - Storyboo.png

Pre-Show Storybook

A digital storybook of  Sea Dragon's Adventure for classrooms to introduce children to the sea creatures.

How I See the Sea - Activity Sheet .png

Pre-Show Study & Activity Guide 

Helpful pre-show resources to help to get to know Sea Dragon and all of their friends.

Post-Show Study & Activity Guide 

Want to continue the fun and explore the lessons, themes, and characters Sea Dragon meets? Check out this guide of activities!


Sea Creature Puppet Packet

Want to make your own Sea Dragon? How about Crab? Or Vampire Squid? Download this packet to get a list of materials and tutorials on how to create these puppets!

Sea Dragon Puppet Templates and Guides (


Prince Jonah Kūhiō Elementary 

Aunty Shanda, Aunty Francine, and the brilliant young artists and co-creators.

Thank you so much for letting us into your classroom and family, and allowing us to play and create with you. Without your faith and trust in us this project wouldn't exist and for that we are forever grateful.

Our Actors - Victoria, Katie, Christine, Robyn, Susan, Robert, Jessica, Taylor, Donovan, and Chloe. 

You all are rockstar geniuses of the highest regard. Thank you for being willing to go with our crazy ideas and bringing your own unique perspectives and inspiration to this project. 

Andrew Klaus-Vineyard - 

You blew us away every single time and your score truly has helped bring this vision to awe-inspiring heights.

Thea Wigglesworth -

For being the catalyst to lifting this entire endeavor to new heights. Without your vision - of which you had to explain to me numerous times - this project wouldn't exist. Thank you for believing in Sea Dragon and being the gracious, patient, and creative director we really needed.

UH Mānoa Graduate Committee - Tammy Haili'ōpua Baker, Maile Speetjens, Julie Iezzi (with special mention of Mark Branner and Amy Schniffer)

Thank you for being so patient and pretty much yes-anding me to continue believing in that project had a life beyond traditional theatre. 

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What Did You Think?

We want to know what YOU liked and didn't like. What worked and what didn't so we can better create experiences like this in the future!

How Did You Enjoy Your Sea Dragon Experience
Which Zone Was Your Favorite?
Favorite Sea Creature?
Wanna help us with the next show?
(For Grown-Ups) Did You Find the Study/Activity Guide And Resources Helpful?

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